Dr. Oetker's Pizza House

Nakumatt Ukay, Ground floor, Westlands.

Cuisine: Pizzeria Ristorante

Number: 0708 877811

Open: 24 hours

Opened in June, 2011, Dr. Oetker’s Pizza House has risen to become one of the best Pizza Houses Nairobi has seen. They are all over the world – U.K, Denmark, Brazil, Canada, India, Italy and Norway. In Africa, their products are sold in South Africa and Namibia too but neither of these two countries have Dr. Oetker products and a pizza wagon like we do!


Dr. Oetker is more than your ordinary Pizza house. For starters, it’s ‘house’ is actually a wagon. This inspiration was lifted from Germany by Stephan Belzer, where they have pizza wagons. Their pizza is divine! The interesting thing about Dr. Oetker Pizza is if you eat one in Kenya, another in Germany and the other in India, they all taste the same! The pizzas are all made in one factory and transported around the world to their various branches. This ensures the consistency in its taste and in the thin crust serving that is Dr. Oetker Pizza. The ingredients in the pizza are shock frozen (frozen immediately they are harvested) thereby ensuring that their nutrients and natural flavors are retained as they remain in their natural form.

There is a whole range of pizzas to choose from!

For the vegetarians; Pizza Vegetale, Pizza Spinachi and Pizza Funghi all covered with aromatic cocktail tomatoes, green, yellow & red peppers, onions topped with a cheese blend of mozzarella and Edam cheese and spicy herbs and together with individual toppings that make your pizza unique!

For the meat lovers; Pizza Tonno is covered with sun-ripened tomatoes, delicately melting cheese, grated mozzarella and juicy tuna matched with a creamy spicy sauce and fine herbs. Pizza Mozzarella is topped with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, Edam cheese and a seductive spice and herb mixture. Pizza Quattro Formaggi is punished with a fine combination of four types of cheese, Pizza Salame is topped with sun-dried tomatoes, cheese, savory salami and selected herbs and spices.

They do have a choice of subs so you can mix up your pizza! For example if you like something Vegetarian, but you want some meat – you could go for a Pizza Funghi and choose top it up with simple Beef toppings, delicious Chicken and sweet corn toppings or go for the pineapple and corn toppings. Your pizza will be colorful and tasty…

Frozen foods are a common concept in the West and this is just only gaining momentum in Kenya, with our increasingly busy lives, finding the time to cook is becoming increasingly shorter. Should you want to have a pizza at home, the most you can do is Dial a Delivery (which they do) but to make your life easier and wallet fuller, Dr. Oetker’s Frozen Pizzas are available for your convenience.

All you will need to do is to take out the pizza from its outer package, pop it into the oven for just 12 minutes and you will have yourself a full pizza!You can buy all your favorite kinds and just stock up with no fear of it going bad. Though once you heat it, you need to finish it.

These frozen pizzas will be available from the supermarket shelves starting January, 2014.

Dr. Oetker is not just about Pizza. They have a tasty breakfast menu too to boast about. You can have some coffee on the go or while there, enjoy a Latte / Macchiato with Homemade waffles served with hot berry sauce (you spread the hot berry sauce on your waffles..one word: HEAVEN!!) this is a definite must try if you like your breakfast sweet! The same berries that add some oomph to your breakfast are the same you drink with your meals.

Mixed Forest Berry Juice has 6 berries in one glass – Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, BlackBerry, Red Currant and Black currant! It is healthy and affordable. You can find it at almost any restaurant, you can also find it in the supermarket shelves or if you would prefer your juice in much larger quantity, you could call them up and learn more about how you can get this healthy mix. You know its natural juice when you try to push your straw through it and it stands on its own – the mark of consistency.

And do request for a scoop of Tiramisu or Vanilla ice cream to go with it all…







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